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Rose by Tink

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Tink's Graphics

The Pink Rose, My Awards, and American Flag Ribbon divider graphics were created by Tink.

I proudly present the following Awards that this site has received. My sincere graditude goes to each individual who bestowed these honors to me!

Made by Tink

Received in 1999

Thanks, WebGoddess!

I was shocked and honored when I received this award because I'm not a web designer; and this was my first attempt at designing a web site. I would like to thank the WebGoddess for bestowing this honor to me, and I hope this site lives up to her expectations, which are included in her following statement:

"This web site says beyond a thousand words. It touches emotions in the mind and heart. It gives The NEW Definition of Cerebral Palsy extra added power to it's mission of education, awareness and advocating Cerebral Palsy. It grabs attention in honest truth and sincerity. There is strength in numbers, and this web site shows reality, it shows compassion, understanding and open mindedness through human experiences that warms the heart. I recommend this web site to anyone who wants correct and true information on CP... take care."

Made by Tink

Received in July 2000

Thanks, Bettye!

Site no longer exists

This "Great Site" award were graciously given to me by Bettye Williams just because she liked my site. It's also nice to know my web site is being enjoyed by my fellow surfers, so that's why it means so much to me to receive this type of recognition.

Made by Tink

Received in July 2000

Thanks, Tink!

Thanks again, Tink!

I was honored to receive these two awards above from Tink. She encouraged me to apply for one of her "Fairy" awards, and that's how I obtained her "Fairy sweet site award." I greatly appreciate this award and all the wonderful comments she has made regarding this site, including this one: "It has been very inspiring to visit your site."

The "Special Woman award" also means a lot to me because Tink made the award just for me, so I'm truly apprecitive of all her creative work on my behalf.

Made by Tink

Tink's Links

Click here to visit Tink's Links

Tink has become one of my dear net friends, and she also gave me this pretty Friendship Square.

Tink has many beautiful and inspiring web pages of her own that you should check out by clicking on the above link. Visit all her pages because your entire family will enjoy visiting Tink's site!

Made by Tink

Received in October 2000

Thanks, Bobbi!

Click here to visit Bobbi's "Life Happens" site

Bobbi, I sincerely appreciate you honoring me with this "Great Site" award! Here's what she had to say about this web site: "To a special woman for your journalism and your general outlook on life." Bobbi has a beautiful site pertaining to the serious matter of domestic violence and abuse that I strongly recommend you to visit. Her personal story of being a victim of abuse is heartbreaking, but it shows how horrible domestic violence is! It also shows what a strong lady she is not only for enduring everything she did, but also for turning her life around and helping other victims of abuse through her site!

Made by Tink

Received in November 2000

Thanks, John & Levi!

I was truly honored and surprised when I received this Award of Excellence from John Hodgkin, who was the webmaster of Positive Steps. I would like to thank my friend, Levi, who also has CP, for nominating my site for this award! Here's what John said about this web site:

"Your wonderful site has been nominated to receive a Positive Steps Award of excellence by your friend Levi. Your site is wonderful and deserves many, many awards."

Thank you, John, for your kind comments and for this beautiful award! I'm very pleased that John felt my site could be an inspiration to others. 

Please visit Levi's Watkins site by clicking the link below.

Levi's Watkins Site

Received June 2001

Thanks again, John!

I'm extremely honored to receive another award from John, who also gave me the above Positive Steps award. Here's what John said when he presented me with this "Site of the Week" award for June 18th:

"Your site is not only a great informative site concerning CP, but you are also a great humanitarian to push your own problems aside to help others."

Thank you, John! I sincerely appreciate the lovely award and your kind words.

Made by Tink

Received in November 2000

Thanks, Ashley!

Thanks so much, Ashley, for bestowing this "Beary" Best Site Award to me and this site! I'm honored that she thought this was a great site. Ashley is a very courageous young woman who was successful at getting herself and her baby away from her abusive boyfriend.

Made by Tink

Received in December 2000

Thanks, Jamin With C.P.!

Click here to visit C.P.'s "Jamin With C.P." site

This award was given to me by my very special friend, Jamin with C.P. He and I began e-mailing each other in October 2000 after he visited this site, and we soon became very good friends.

Although he has mild cerebral palsy himself, which affects his fine motor skills to a certain extent, he can play various guitars in many different styles. He's a very talented guitarist! He has been in many bands, and currently, he performs in his father's country band. What I admire most about him is his marvelous sense of humor (because he keeps me laughing all the time) and his kindness!

He recently created a great web site of his own, which you can visit by clicking the above link. He said that the reason he gave me the above award is because I inspired him to design a personal site of his own. I'm truly honored by his compliment! I urge everyone to visit Jamin With C.P.'s web site about how he became a musician in spite of his disability because it's very inspiring. Thanks so much, my friend, for this wonderful honor!

Received in January 2002

Thanks again, Jamin!

I was very surprised and touched that Jamin With C.P. presented me with the above award! Although he said I desrve it for my work on this site and for sharing with others what living with cerebral palsy is really like, I don't think I do because I'm not a professional webmaster. I just enjoy working on this site from time to time, so I appreciate all the positive feedback I've received from my visitors.

Thanks again, Jamin, for this honor, but especially for your friendship! You truly have a caring heart!

Made by Tink

Received in February 2001

Thanks, Sandy a.k.a. Furby!

Click here to visit Sandy's "S & B Crafts" site

It was a pleasant surprise when I received this beautiful Butterfly award from my online friend, "Sandy, aka Furby!" She knows how to brighten my days by sending me inspirational and funny web pages. She said she designed and gave me this award because she thinks this is a worthwhile site. Thanks, Sandy, for your kind compliment and the award!

She also has a wonderful web site displaying her lovely crafts and many fun pages of her various interests (including Furbies). I encourage everyone to visit "S & B Crafts -- Family Fun" by clicking on the above award! Adults and children will enjoy exploring her site that's filled with games, puzzles, and surprises for all ages.


I never dreamed when I first created this site that I would receive so much positive feedback! Some of these thoughtful individuals who presented me with these honors have wonderful web sites of their own, which I urge you to visit by clicking on the above links. Thanks again to you all for your kindness, and best wishes to you all!

Rose by Tink

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